Saturday, May 11, 2013

This is a sweet, gentle tale about loss and healing. Zoe's dad is a vet and her mother fosters Great Pyrenees  dogs that have been rescued, until they can be placed in permanent homes.Great Pyrenees are large and can weigh over 100 pounds. Their weather resistant, double coat of white hair consists of a thick, straight outer layer over a dense, wooly undercoat and it requires a lot of brushing. This results in massive amounts of white fur flying around their house at all times. Their own Great Pyrenees, Kodi, befriends each rescue dog and then mourns the loss of his friend when the rescue dog leaves to go to a permanent home.

New neighbors, the Crofts, move in next door to the only house in sight of Zoe's house. Mrs. Croft is a nervous woman who seems to like order and be afraid of her own shadow. Her nephew, Philip, is staying with her and her husband while his own parents "solve a problem." Philip won't speak but is instantly drawn to the dogs, especially Kodi and the newest rescue dog, Jack.

In the big climax to the story, Philip disappears during a storm and it is Jack, the dog, who leads him to shelter. This all leads to a happy ending for both the dogs and Philip, who experiences a breakthrough. This well-written book is a great story for those new to chapter books, reluctant readers and animal lovers.   2013

Renee Rauch  

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