Monday, April 15, 2013

Wilma Sue has never had a home to call her own. Orphaned since birth, she has been passed from one foster home to another, briefly spending time at Miss Daylily's Home for Children, or as she puts it, Miss Daylily's Home for Unwanted and Misunderstood Children. When she learns that two missionary sisters are interested in having her come live with them, she does not know what to expect. At first she assumes they simply want her there to act as kitchen help and to take care of their collection of feisty chickens. Then she discovers that the sisters concoct mysterious cakes in their kitchen which appear to have magical powers. Each cake seems tailored to the recipients specific needs and is capable of helping each person overcome whatever is ailing them at the moment. There is the opera singer suffering from stage fright, the elderly woman grieving the loss of her daughter and an elderly man riddled with arthritis, all of whom seem to feel instantly better after the first bite of his/her magical cake.

As Wilma Sue assists the sisters in creating their concoctions, she begins to feel as if she has a permanent home, at last. But trouble ensues when Wilma Sue takes it upon herself to create a cake of her own, and ends up in a misunderstanding that causes her to be accused of burning down the sisters' beloved chicken coop.Will Wilma Sue be able to clear her name? Will she ever find out the secret of the sisters' magical cakes? And most importantly will she finally end up in a loving home? Some of the questions are answered as Wilma Sue learns that things are not always what they seem and sometimes you have to trust in people in even if you've been disappointed in the past.

This is a very endearing story with charming illustrations throughout the chapters. Some questions never get answered and that might prove frustrating to the reader. Also, since the sisters are missionaries, Bible quotes are interspersed throughout the story and there seems to be a underlying Christian message , which might put off readers not expecting there to be a religious tone to the story. Overall, it is an enjoyable and interesting read.

P. Sassoon, 2013

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