Friday, July 12, 2013

I Represent Sean Rosen by Jeff Baron

Say you're a kid with a great idea -- a really, really great idea -- that you want to sell to Hollywood.  Then you find out that they won't pay any attention to you unless you have an agent, but you're just a kid, and you can't afford an agent.  What can you do?  If you're Sean Rosen, you just invent one!

This book, told in the first person, perfectly describes Sean's life and thoughts as he develops "Dan Welch," agent for Sean Rosen.  We never even learn what Sean's really big idea is, because he decides to start with a trial run, selling a movie idea.  The fact that he doesn't actually have a movie idea doesn't worry him until he unexpectedly gets a quick reply and has to come up with an idea in a hurry.  But Sean is a 13-year-old who is not easily discouraged, and he is never lacking in ideas.

This is a very entertaining book, and it's great fun to watch Sean's progress as he deals with each difficulty in negotiating with a major entertainment company.  You not only get to see his movie idea develop, you get descriptions of his parents, his friends, and his school, all told in Sean's inimitable style.  "I Represent Sean Rosen" manages to convincingly portray the thoughts of a bright 13-year-old, while at the same time serving up delightful doses of dead-pan humor. 

I greatly enjoyed reading this book, and I recommend it to anyone, especially anyone interested in someday becoming a major figure in the entertainment industry.  2013

M. Adams

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