Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red Thread Sisters by Carol Antoinette Peacock

Red Thread Sisters is a moving novel about Wen, a girl who is adopted from China when she is eleven years old.  Although she is thrilled to be chosen to be adopted, her happiness is tempered by the sadness she feels at leaving her best friend at the orphanage.  Wen and Shu Ling have been inseparable ever since Shu Ling comforted Wen after Wen was left at the orphanage.  But now it is Wen's turn to comfort Shu Ling with the promise that she will find a new family for Shu Ling in America. 
As Wen adjusts to life in America and learns to trust and love her new family, her emotions remain conflicted as she remembers her best friend.  Can she find a family for Shu Ling before Shu Ling becomes too old to be adopted?  Will her new family send her back if she causes trouble by trying to help Shu Ling?  This well-written and touching book details Wen's life and development as she bravely does all she can to help Shu Ling while coping with the many changes in her own life.    2012.

M. Adams

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