Monday, February 13, 2012

Pie by Sarah Weeks

Being in Aunt Polly's pie shop, helping her bake pies, is the place where Alice Portman feels most at home. Aunt Polly, the "Pie Queen of Ipswitch", is the only one in her family who shares Alice's quirky ways and imaginative personality. When Aunt Polly suddenly passes away, Alice finds herself in possession of her disagreeable cat, Lardo, who allegedly is the only one who knows the recipe for Aunt Polly's secret pie crust.

Dealing with her grief over Aunt Polly's death, is hard enough for Alice, but suddenly all kinds of disreputable characters are after Lardo and the townspeople are all hot to match the secret pie crust recipe and become the new prize winning pie maker of Ipswitch, Pennsylvania.

This is an intriguing mystery as well as a heart-warming small-town story set in the 1950's. Readers will be truly surprised to learn how a cat could be in possession of a secret, prize-winning recipe. As an added bonus, each chapter begins with a mouth-watering pie recipe! 2011.

P. Sassoon

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