Saturday, January 28, 2012

Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan


15-year-old Waverly was conceived in space and has lived on a spaceship, the Empyrean, for her entire life. Her ship is on a voyage to a new home planet, since Earth has been destroyed due to circumstances that are never fully explained. The excitement begins when the inhabitants of another ship board the Empyrean and kidnap all the young females. Waverly soon learns that they are to be used to provide children for the families living on the ship since their women have become infertile.

Waverly is determined to avoid this destiny at all costs, and quickly wages a revolt to save herself and all the other young women and girls being held with her. Back on the Empyrean, the males left behind are desperately trying to figure out the whereabouts of the kidnappers while trying to save their own ship from destruction.

This is a truly exciting story that combines elements of science fiction, mystery and even romance. Intended to be the first in the Sky Chasers series, this book is a great read for teens, especially those who enjoy science fiction that's not overly technical. 2012


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