Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chime by Franny Billingsley


A National Book Award Finalist, Chime, is a highly original tale that blends elements of dark folk lore, supernatural creatures and gripping suspense, with a tender, endearing love story. Seventeen-year-old Briony is a self-proclaimed witch who possess the gift of second-sight and can see the “Old Ones.” Believing herself responsible for her sister’s mental infirmary and the arsenic poisoning of her beloved stepmother, Briony’s crushing guilt has slowly turned to self-loathing. But when a beautiful young man, Eldric, comes to live at the family parsonage, he awakens Briony's true spirit and allows her to hope that she might not be as wicked and horrible as she first thought.

As the drama and mystery build within the tightly woven plot, Billingsley’s poetic, stylistic prose and fast-paced dialogue pull the reader totally into this supernatural world. A memorable book that many readers should enjoy and fantasy fans will treasure. 2011

A. Basso

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