Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Liar, Liar by Gary Paulsen

Kevin is a gifted liar. He doesn't lie to hurt people, he just lies to make life go more smoothly or to spare people's feelings. His intentions really aren't bad and he always has a justification. He lies to his social studies partner so that she has to do all the work, but he reasons that she likes being in control and likes doing all the work anyway.

When Kevin's attention is drawn to his classmate, Tina, he spins a web of lies designed to allow him to spend time where Tina will be and to become friends with her friends, so that he can get to know her better and so that she will notice him. He lies to his friends, her friends, his teachers and even his family.

Gradually, Kevin's lies spin out of control and Tina still hasn't even noticed him. Kevin is very surprised that people are not instantly willing to forgive him when he admits his mistakes and offers his sincerest apologies. Maybe honesty is the best policy?

Gary Paulsen has created a very funny and likeable character, who creates a situation that becomes more outlandish as each lie builds on the last. This book will appeal to reluctant readers because of the short chapters, but is great for anyone looking for a laugh, especially Gary Paulsen fans. 2011

R. Rauch

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