Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mad at Mommy, by Komako Sakai

"I AM SO MAD AT YOU" yells little bunny to his mother, and then he proceeds to tell her all the reasons that he is angry with her: she always sleeps late on Saturdays, she never lets him watch cartoons, she never washes his socks, and most of all, SHE WILL NOT MARRY HIM WHEN HE GROWS UP!

When he gets bigger, he promises her, he will do just what he wants. So there. But for now he is going to leave home. Needless to say, that plan does not last long. He returns in a minute or two, supposedly to retrieve his ball. He cannot resist asking his mother if she missed him while he was gone. Of course she did! They hug--all is well. Even darling little bunnies need to vent once in a while.

The illustrations are done in pale blue, cream, black and white; they are subtle and striking at the same time, and pair charmingly with the story. 2010.
M. Cooney

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