Friday, January 21, 2011

Jade Green: A Ghost Story, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

This is a page-turning ghost story that will have readers hooked once they hear about the ghostly presence that haunts the house and the story. Judith Sparrow, the 15 year old narrator and heroine, moves to the town of Whispers, South Carolina, to live with her uncle, who was the only relative who agreed to take her in when she was orphaned. Judith has a sunny disposition and is inclined to make the best of whatever life hands her. She likes Uncle Geoffrey despite his stiff formality and she likes his housekeeper, the warm and loving Mrs. Hastings. She is not fond of her 40 year old cousin, Charles, and his unwanted attentions. But Judith does her best to be helpful around the house and finds a job in a local hatmaker's shop. It is in the hat shop that Judith hears the gruesome story of Jade Green, who once lived in Uncle Geoffrey's house. Jade Green died presumably by her own hand, three years earlier. Is it Jade Green's ghost that haunts the house or is it some other wandering spirit?
R. Rauch

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