Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Am Jack, by Susanne Gervay

What do you do when you're eleven years old and suddenly your happy world is turning into a nightmare? Why are all the kids in school calling you Butt Head? And how do you make it to class safely when George Hamel and the other bullies are waiting for you? Jack doesn't want to bother his mother with all these problems when she works so hard to support him and his sister, but eventually his friend Anna realizes that something must be done about the bullying at school. This book, set in Australia but universal in its topic, is written from Jack's viewpoint, with the simple sentences and the limited attention span of an eleven-year-old. While at times the book portrays Jack's family as almost too happy, and the resolution at the school seems to occur remarkably quickly, I Am Jack is still an effective and entertaining book that deals with an important topic. 2009.
M. Adams

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