Friday, November 12, 2010

Summer Reading Is Killing Me, by Jon Scieszka

                                                          Summer Reading Is Killing Me

Joe, Fred and Sam, of The Time Warp Trio series, usually spend their adventures time traveling to another era via their "magic" book. Once there, they spend their time dodging dinosaurs, pirates or robots, while they seek their "magic" book, which will transport them home again.

In this book, Fred accidentally puts their summer reading list into the "magic" book. Instead of being transported to another time period, they and all the characters from the books on the list are transported to the Hoboken of The Hoboken Chicken Emergency by Daniel Pinkwater. There all the bad characters from the books have rounded up the good characters in the Hoboken Public Library. The bad characters, led by Teddy Bear, intend to replace the good characters in their books, after they crush them with the books in the library. Can the boys convince the bad characters that they are bad characters too, long enough to find the "magic" book, which is also in the Hoboken Public Library, and transport everybody back where they belong before the bad guys change literature forever? 1998

R. Rauch

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