Friday, October 15, 2010

Sisters Red, by Jackson Pearce

This modern-day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood is an action/adventure tale that grabs readers from the first page. Werewolves, known as Fenris, live among the population in the form of good-looking men who prey on pretty young girls. When a Fenris attacks Scarlett and Rosie March, it kills their grandmother and leaves them emotionally scarred. Aided by their childhood friend, Silas, the girls now try to destroy as many Fenris as they can. The story is told by the sisters in alternate chapters, highlighting their inner conflicts. Scarlett and Rosie are smart, tough and determined heroines, but their special bond is strained when Rosie and Silas’s relationship becomes more than just friendship. Fans of Stephenie Meyer, Melissa Marr, Donna Jo Napoli and Shannon Hale will find much to enjoy in the plots twists, romance, supernatural elements, and fairy tale references. 2010
A. Basso

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