Friday, October 15, 2010

The Magical Ms. Plum, by Bonny Becker

The students in Ms. Plum's third grade class always know they're in for a treat. They've heard that magical things happen in her class but what they don't know is that every time they enter her supply closet they will come out with an enchanted creature. What that creature will be, no one knows, but it will be theirs for the remainder of the day and instrumental in teaching them whatever "lesson" they need to learn at that particular time. A messy child ends up with a pair of scurrying squirrels. A boy who can't stop talking ends up with a parrot on his shoulder for the rest of the day. All the while, Ms. Plum uses humor and affection to help each child be their best with the help of their new animal friend. Reminiscent of Wayside School and Mary Poppins, this is a charming and quirky read. 2009.
P. Sassoon

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