Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Gecko and Sticky: Villian's Lair, by Andrew Clements

Thirteen-year old Dave and his talking gecko sidekick, Sticky, are trying to retrieve the magic golden ingots that make the Aztec powerband that they have work. The powerband, together with the ingots, can give the possessor super-strength, lightning speed or the ability to become invisible. Sticky snagged the powerband from the evil treasure hunter, Damien Black, but the powerband is useless without the ingots. Join Dave and Sticky as they try to recover the ingots from the evil Damien Black, who will stop at nothing to regain the powerband from Dave and Sticky. Their adventures begin at Damien Black's booby-trapped mansion and include encounters with the Bandito Brothers and a hungry, three-hundred pound Komodo dragon. 2009.
R. Rauch

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